Startup Company - Lucero

Lucero AB is a Swedish spin-off from research at the University of Gothenburg. It was founded in March 2020 together with Chalmers Ventures.

Lucero is a bioconvergence company that weds synergistic technologies from the fields of microbiology, laser optics, AI, and microfluidics. 
Through novel combinations of these technologies, Lucero is working to create solutions that will accelerate the discovery of the next generation of personalized drugs and treatments. 
3D cell cultures show a lot of promise as a tool to better understand and predict drug response in humans, but there are still challenges that currently don’t allow for them to be used at scale in established pharmaceutical workflows.
Lucero’s platform will enable pharmaceutical companies to reliably use 3D cell cultures at scale, so they can make faster pipeline decisions and accelerate promising candidates to the clinic.

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