Light-induced micro and nano machines

Optical tweezers are used to induce rotational motion of nanoparticles and microparticles effectively creating miniaturised versions of macroscopic engines.

Self-assembled active matter

Under light illumination a suspension of binary colloids self-assembles into active hierarchical superstructures providing insights into the formation process of biological systems.

3D Optofluidics and Thermal Imaging

The local heating of fluids with light leads to complex pattern of flows that can be steered and measured with light using optofluidics and thermometry.

Fluctuation-driven forces in microcavities

Optical microcavities allow the study of light-matter interactions enabling sensitive measurements of small forces.

Integrated Nanophotonic Systems

Driven by emergent quantum technologies integrated nanophotonic solutions are needed to combine single photon sources directly on waveguides.


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