Webinar on Transitional Career Paths: How to create a thriving startup from your resarch

October 30, 2023

Falko Schmidt was cordially invited to give a Webinar to the OPTICA student chapter at Istanbul Technical University.

His talk is titled: From High Tech Research to Impactful Industrial Applications: A personal journey from transitions between research, industry, and back

I will present my personal journey from creating a startup from my research during my PhD and my transitions from academia to industry and back. I will show that your research can be impactful by transforming it into powerful applications for industry through our startup Lucero focusing on single cell manipulation for pharmaceutical applications. The lessons I have learned during this journey were not only valuable to understand industry needs much better but became important assets for my return back to academia.

This talk is part of Falko Schmidt's role as 2023 Ambassador of the optical society "OPTICA".
News:  Falko Schmidt among 2023 OPTICA Ambassadors


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