Talk of Falko Schmidt at Photonics Online Meetup

November 13, 2023

Falko Schmidt ist presenting the recent advances in the field of optothermal manipulation at this year's edition of the Photonics Online Meetup (#POM23).

Title of Talk: Optothermal Manipulation of Micro- & Nanosystems" 
Time/Date: 16:34 CET/13.11.2023 
Place: GatherTown, Virtual 
Harnessing localized heating through efficient light absorption has opened up exciting possibilities for precise control of nanoscale systems. Such optothermal effects alter the environment locally through the induction of fluid flows enabling the active manipulation of systems out of equilibrium. Here, we explore how the control of light-induced fluid flows facilitates complex, yet steerable, motion of micro- and nanoparticles. We demonstrate that the rapid rotation of micromotors is solely powered by the generation of local temperature gradients, whose direction can be predetermined through light polarization. Furthermore, by regulating heat-mediated fluid flows, we have achieved the self-assembly of individual particles into colloidal structures that resemble molecular structures. The inherent activity of these colloidal molecules provides valuable insights into the organization of fundamental building blocks into functional materials. Finally, we introduce digital holographic microscopy (DHM) as a powerful tool for investigating the onset of fluid flows in microfluidic chips through highly accurate 3D tracer tracking. We combine this technique with optical diffraction tomography (ODT) to precisely determine the temperature profile. Our findings highlight the potential of optothermal manipulation in micro- and nanoscale systems as a viable alternative approach for nanotechnologies with enhanced functionality and control. 
Further Literature on optothermal manipulation: 
Reviews on optothermal manipulation: 


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