Presentation by Falko Schmidt for the Nanomotor Mini talk series

November 11, 2021

Active droploids
A new class of self-assembled and feedback-driven superstructures

Jens Grauer, Falko Schmidt, Jesùs Pineda, Benjamin Midtvedt, Hartmut Löwen, Giovanni Volpe, Benno Liebchen

Nanomotor Mini Talk Series hosted by Nanomotor Update
Date: 18 November 2021
14:00-14.30 C.E.T.

We take the next step in the evolution of active matter by realizing a two-way coupling between active particles and their environment, where active particles act back on the environment giving rise to the formation of superstructures. In experiments and simulations we observe that, under light-illumination, colloidal particles and their near-critical environment create mutually-coupled co-evolving structures. These structures unify in the form of active superstructures featuring a droplet shape and a colloidal engine inducing self-propulsion. We call them active droploids—a portmanteau of droplet and colloids.


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