Presentation by Falko Schmidt on "A monolithic nanophotonic system based on single-photon emitters" at the Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp

August 01, 2022

Falko Schmidt is presenting first results on his work on integrated photonics at the Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp in London, UK. 

The Science Camp  takes places between the 2nd till 5th of August at the Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park near London. It brings together 60 early-career scientists in the field of photonics but also science writers and editors in an unconventional format – mixing contributed and invited talks, seminars and debates – to present and discuss the latest research and future directions of the field in an open atmosphere and help developing the Complex Nanophotonics community.
Title: A monolithic nanophotonic system based on single-photon emitters

The second wave of quantum technologies is in full swing and promises application-driven solutions in quantum communication, sensing, and microscopy. Compact nanophotonic systems are a key pillar of this technology where, in particular, 2D materials are ideally suited as single-photon sources. Despite the immense scientific progress in the last decade, transferring such systems into real-world applications is still hindered by the complexity and low adaptability of bulky instruments or the requirement of cryostat environments.
Here, we focus on the development of monolithic nanophotonic solutions that integrate hBN nanoflakes, a room-temperature single photon emitter, directly into a single-mode optical fibre. We show that large coupling efficiencies can be achieved thanks to a high-NA lens printed directly on the fibre’s end by two-photon polymerization. In this configuration, hBN nanoflakes can be optically trapped inside the focal spot of the lens providing self-alignment of the system and thus an alternative, faster solution for integrated photonic systems. We carefully characterize our system for quantum purity and its specific emission spectrum. 
Our proposed system provides, both, high portability and compatibility with a multitude of instruments such as employed for quantum communication networks, single-photon microscopy or ultra-sensitive detectors.
Date:  3rd of August 2022
Place: Poster Session, Cumberland Lodge, London, UK
Cumberland Lodge, Place of the 2022 Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp


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