Presentation by Falko Schmidt on "Tunable critical Casimir forces counteract Casimir–Lifshitz attraction" at the CMD29, Manchester, UK

August 21, 2022

Falko Schmidt is presenting his work on Critical Casimir Forces in NEMS at the Condensed Matter Division CMD29 in Manchester, UK. 

CMD29 is a large international conference covering all aspects of condensed matter physics. Its 29th iteration of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society, organized together with the Institute of Physics will  take place from 21-26 August 2022 in Manchester.
Title:  Tunable critical Casimir forces counteract Casimir–Lifshitz attraction


In developing micro- and nanodevices, stiction between their parts is a well-known problem. It is caused by the finite-temperature analogue of the quantum electrodynamics Casimir–Lifshitz forces, which are normally attractive. Repulsive Casimir–Lifshitz forces have been experimentally realized but their reliance on specialized materials severely limits their applicability and prevents their dynamic control.
 Here, we experimentally demonstrate that repulsive critical Casimir forces, which emerge in a critical binary liquid mixture upon approaching the critical temperature, can be used to counteract the stiction due to Casimir–Lifshitz forces and actively control microscopic and nanoscopic objects with nanometer precision. Our experimental demonstration, conducted on a microscopic gold flake suspended above a flat, gold- coated substrate immersed in a critical binary mixture, can foster the development of micro- and nanodevices by preventing stiction as well as by providing active control and precise tunability of the forces acting between their constituent parts. 

Date:  23rd of August 2022
Time: 17.00-17.30 UCT-0
Place: Manchester, UK

arXiv version: Schmidt, F. et al. Tunable critical Casimir forces counteract Casimir–Lifshitz attraction. arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.10926 (2022).
Critical Casimir forces can overcome stiction due to attractive Casimir-Lifshitz forces in NEMS. Realization with Gold flakes in binary mixtures upon heating.


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